Business Strategy Building

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Strategy Building

Strategy building is based on a clear understanding of the market in Korea and key success factors generated through the Focused Market Study.


Strategy building is conducted in a cooperative effort with the client. The optimum strategy derives from matching the strengths of the client to the needs of the domestic environment.


Opportunities are prioritized on the basis of their fit with the foreign firm’s global objectives. IRC has successfully assisted clients with the full range of market involvement: imports, technical licenses, joint ventures, green field investments and mergers/acquisitions.


IRC supports strategic building by:

- Defining the total set of skills/resources required for the business to be successful
- Identifying the skills that the client can contribute
- Analyzing the “gap” between client skills and those required locally
- Developing a plan for securing resources to close the gap


   For more information please contact : Mr. Peter A. Underwood,


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