Business Market Entry Support

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Market Entry Support

IRC assists firms with the practical steps related to establishing or growing its presence in the market:

- Partner/target search and evaluation
- Structuring deals
- Drafting agreements (in close cooperation with attorneys)
- Procuring & installing facilities – locating land or factory, sourcing equipment
- Recruiting personnel – identifying key executives as well as selecting and managing a

professional manpower search firm

- Organizing services including banking and finance
- Obtaining licenses and permits, completing registrations
- Negotiating incentives from the government

One of IRC’s specialties is developing and executing acquisitions of Korean companies. In this regard, it is critical to understand how acquisitions are perceived in the local market. Korean firms are primarily owner managed therefore control is the primary focus of any negotiation. Valuation following the Western approach of focusing on financial analysis and fair market value is seldom sufficient to close the deal. For more information about how acquisition are perceived in Korea click here.


IRC focuses on nurturing a friendly, personal relationship with the target company owners to demonstrate that cooperation with our client offers the best solution for their future. IRC provides:

- Background research on the target
- Confidential, no-names initial approach
- Insight into dynamics within target company
- Analysis of the key objectives important to the target
- Negotiation strategies likely to yield the best results
- Advice and recommendations during the negotiation process
- Estimation of flexibility needed to close the deal

   For more information please contact : Mr. Peter A. Underwood,


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